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I'm trying to create a snmp agent simulator application, that will create multiple virtual agents with unique ip address and port. I'm trying to use snmp4jagent. But i've some exceptions can you help me ?

I extend BaseAgent class to my own class then create Multiple Instance of that class. But I cannot start More than one agent at a time ie. if One agent's status is running i cannot start another agent without stopping the running agent (Code is too heavy So i don't specify any code here) code for starting an agent is

public void start() throws IOException
    getServer().addContext(new OctetString("public"));

then i register Managed objects .

Code reference : http://shivasoft.in/blog/java/snmp/creating-snmp-agent-server-in-java-using-snmp4j/

Thanks in advance


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Provide some more details and code snippet. –  nIKUNJ Jun 23 '11 at 11:18
Please don't re-ask the same question. You can always edit this one to add details or to fix formatting. Thanks. –  Will Jul 26 '11 at 20:47

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It actually does work (as tested). Maybe you did not assign different IP addresses to your different instances. Add this to your class:

 * The ip address of this agent.
private String ipAddress;

 * Initializes the transport mappings (ports) to be used by the agent.
 * @throws IOException
protected void initTransportMappings() throws IOException {
    transportMappings = new TransportMapping[1];
    transportMappings[0] = new DefaultUdpTransportMapping(new UdpAddress(ipAddress + "/161"));

You probably have to add the used ip addresses to your NIC. Example for Linux:

ip addr add dev eth0

Please also provide exception messages and stacktraces if you still can't start asecond agent.

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