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i have a grid and a form, i need to show different items on the form each time we select a row on that grid

i ve been looking on how to do this, and found

    Ext.getCmp('myform').hide() // or  .show()


    listeners: { selectionchange: function () {...}

now i dont know which row is selected so i can specify which item to show


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Try to following code in your grid.

                itemclick:function(view, record, item, index, e ) {
                var v = record.get('firstName');

firstName will be your dataindex of colums in your grid. You can get value of any field like this.

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You get the selected rows as second parameter in the selectionchange event handler:

listeners: {
    selectionchange: function (view, selections, options) {
        console.log(view, selections, options);

So the first selected row is the first element in the selections array:

record = selections[0]

This is described in the Ext JS 4 API documentation for the selectionchange event.

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