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I hope I'm doing something wrong here. I'm using RIA services with NHibernate.

The following is happening:



int CategoryId


int SubCategoryId

Category ParentCategory

int ParentCategoryId

On the server side I have a query to get all the Sub-Categories(Lets say there are 3 for this example), NHibernate then plays nicely and populates the Category property as expected, I then manually set the ParentCategoryId on each of the sub-categories(This is to get my association right with RIA services), then I return the IList of objects.

Now on the client side I get the three entities as expected, but the ParentCategoryId property id only populated for 1 of the sub-categories? How is this possible?

Any Ideas?

Server side code:

    public IList<SubCategory> GetAllSubCategories()
        var service = new CategoryApplicationService();
        var subCats= service.GetAllSubCategories();

        return subCats;

   public IList<SubCategory> GetAllSubCategories()
      #some code to get the nhibernate session
           var repo = RepositoryFactory.GetRepository<ISubCategoryRepository, SubCategory>(session);
           var allCats = repo.FindAll();
           foreach (var s in allCats)
               s.ParentCategoryId = s.ParentCategory.CategoryId;

           return allCats;
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Could you provide some of the server-side code? At least the signature and attributes of the sub-categories query I am interested in. –  Stephan Jun 23 '11 at 12:53
Hi Stephan, I've updated the question with some server-side code –  jacques Jun 23 '11 at 13:06
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