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i have added 2 setters to a style and assigned that style to a wpf datagridtemplatecolumn cell style. but one of them is assigned. another one is not assigned. any one know how to solve this?

 Style st = new Style();
 Setter sett2 = new Setter
     Property = TextBox.BackgroundProperty,
     Value = Brushes.Yellow
 Setter sett = new Setter
     Property = TextBox.IsEnabledProperty,
     Value = false
 col.CellStyle = st;

Isenabled property is set false. but colur is still gray.

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Question: why do you create this style in code instead of defining it in XAML? –  Damascus Jun 23 '11 at 12:13

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Cannot reproduce this (i.e. the background indeed becomes yellow).

If you explicitly set the background on the TextBox/TextBlock inside the template this style will not affect it due to dependency property value precedence. There could be other causes but there is not enough context to go by, for me at least.

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