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When we view the YouTube page, and click Music, we are able to see them on different genre's like "Rap", "Rock", "Country", etc.

How can I retrieve this data (the genre-wise listing of videos) using the YouTube Apis.?

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One way to do this is using the Topics API integration with V3 of the API. Take a look at the videos.list() API call. Plug in these values:

  • part: topicDetails
  • id: fWNaR-rxAic
  • fields: items/topicDetails/topicIds

The ID of that video corresponds to Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe". When you look at the JSON response, you'll see a list of topic IDs:

[ "/m/015f7", "/m/0h55y27", "/m/0gkxzs6", "/m/064t9" ]

These are Freebase machine IDs. You would then make a Freebase API call to retrieve information about that particular topic. For instance, /m/064t9 corresponds to "Pop Music".

Thise method won't work for 100% of videos on YouTube; Metallica's "Whiskey in a Jar" only returns topics for the song and the band, however, Britney Spear's "I Want to Go" correctly returns a machine ID for "Pop Music".

The reason for this is that the Topic is often machine generated, not human curated (though we do quality checks). We did a Google I/O talk about how this works. The good news is that once you DO have a machine ID, it's very easy to find other videos by topic ID. Our samples demonstrate how to do this.

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In freebase you can ask for music genre mids. For example in: http://www.freebase.com/search?query=rock you get that /m/06by7 = rock. With this id you do a query on youtube and get videos regarding this genre;

Try it https://developers.google.com/youtube/v3/docs/search/list#try-it with this conditions:

part: snippet
topicId: /m/06by7
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