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I have a lot of DIVs having some data in my web page & I want to print a data of a specific div by using "window.print()" without opening any popup. What should I do?

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You must use CSS Media Types like this:

    @media print {
        #printable {
            overflow: visible;

        #nonprintable {
    @media screen {
        body, table, tr, td { font:12px Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; }
        .divStyles {
            border: 1px solid #000;
            background-color: #ccc;
            padding: 15px;

I have created an example for you, see a demo:

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Yes great, the demo is working fine... Thanks a lot – Ahsan Rathod Jun 23 '11 at 12:38
@Oded: Mr. I Think you didn't understand the question. First read it then vote in negative. – Ahsan Rathod Jun 23 '11 at 12:43

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