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I'm trying to invoke a function in a native C library using JNA which uses GLib and GLib Threads. When I attempt to invoke the function, the JVM crashes and the following error is printed:

GLib-ERROR **: The thread system is not yet initialized. 

I'm pretty sure that means the code needs to invoke the g_thread_init function in the gthread library before invoking the target function. Thus, I defined the following interface to load the gthread library...

public interface GLibThreads extends Library {

    public static final GLibThreads INSTANCE = 
              (GLibThreads) Native.loadLibrary("gthread-2.0", GLibThreads.class);

    public void g_thread_init(Pointer pointer);


...and I tried invoking it before the target function...


String flavors = LibSoda.INSTANCE.getFlavors();

...but unfortunately, this doesn't work. I still get the "thread system is not yet initialized" error.

I thought my problem might have been related to defining the method to take a JNA Pointer. Here's how the g_thread_init function is defined in the gthread header:

void    g_thread_init   (GThreadFunctions       *vtable);

So I tried defining the GThreadFunctions struct and passing in null. Unfortunately, that didn't make any difference, and I still get the "thread system is not yet initialized" error.

How can I initialize the threading system so I can successfully invoke the target function?

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what do g_thread_supported() and g_thread_get_initialized() return ? – Abhijith Jun 23 '11 at 14:01
g_threads_supported() cannot be called from JNA because it is a macro and not a function. I'll give g_thread_get_initialized() a try and let you know. – Jim Hurne Jun 24 '11 at 11:08
Unfortunately, it looks like the version of GLib Threads I have to use doesn't have the g_thread_get_initialized() function (version 2.0). – Jim Hurne Jun 24 '11 at 11:21
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Don't load the glib library before calling g_thread_init.

NativeLibrary.getInstance("glib-2.0") explicitly loads glib. While calling g_thread_init eventually implicitly loads glib (depending on the OS's own dependency tracking), it probably does so after setting up whatever parts of gthread that trigger the error if not set up.

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Don't load the glib library before calling g_thread_init.

When I removed the NativeLibrary.getInstance("glib-2.0"); line of code, the thread system initialized and the call to the LibSoda.INSTANCE.getFlavors() succeeded!

I'm not entirely sure why this worked. I know accessing the gthread-2.0 library will implicitly load GLib, but I don't know why loading GLib explicitly first causes the g_thread_init call to be ignored.

I'll gladly change which answer is accepted to an answer which explains why the above worked.

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