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I need to get the source package of the any object declared in the class. This object may be declared as a class variable or methods local variable.

I can able to find that for class object variable using IFields API.

For example, if the variable is of type List -> I need the result as java.util.List.

Kindly give your ideas.

Thanks in advance, Easwar

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You need to be a little bit more clear on what objects you have access to. Are you working with the AST API, or are you working with the Java model API (ie- IJavaElement)? Or something else? –  Andrew Eisenberg Jun 24 '11 at 22:58
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The IProject interface extends the IContainer which has several findMember methods. You get all IResource(Java files) and get package name ....

Note: IResource are resources other then Java files also

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