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I'm very confused because multi NsProgressIndicators in NstableView don't work correctly,The addSubview method always add the progress cell to the last row in the tableview,not exactly the row index i want,here is some simple code:

The NsTableView DataSource have two members:

@interface tableModel : NSObject {

NSString *name;
NsProgressIndicator *progressobj;

@property(retain) NSString* name;
@property(retain) NsProgressIndicator *progressobj;

And i write a custom cell class:"ProgressCell",


- copyWithZone : (NSZone *)zone
ProgressCell *cell = (ProgressCell *)[ super copyWithZone:zone ];
cell->progress = [ progress retain ];
return cell;

- (void) drawInteriorWithFrame : (NSRect) cellFrame 
                     inView: (NSView *) controlView
[super drawInteriorWithFrame:cellFrame inView:controlView];

if(![progress superview])
    [controlView addSubview: progress];

    [progress setFrame: cellFrame];
    [progress sizeToFit];   

- (void)setProgress:(NsProgressIndicator *)newProgress
[newProgress retain];
[progress release];
progress = newProgress; 
[progress sizeToFit];

Now it's the time to add some tableModel objects to the table view datasource:

NSString *str=@"test";
tableModel *tablemodel=[[tableModel alloc] initWithPriority:[str retain] andProgress:nil];
[tableArrays addObject:tablemodel];
[tableView reloadData];

The progress member is nil because i don't want to display a progressindicator at beginning, Guess i have a edit button,set up an action as below:

NsProgressIndicator * progress = [[[NsProgressIndicator alloc] init] autorelease];
[progress setIndeterminate: NO];
[progress setMinValue:0];
[progress setMaxValue:100];
tableModel * zMyDataObj= [[self tableArrays] objectAtIndex:[tableView selectedRow]];
zMyDataObj.progressobj=[progress retain];
[tableView reloadData];

The willDisplayCell delegate method is:

tableModel * zMyDataObj= [[self tableArrays] objectAtIndex:pRow];
if([zMyDataObj progressobj]!=nil)
[cell setProgress:[zMyDataObj progressobj]];

But when i click the edit button, A new NsProgressindicator is always added to the last row,not the selected row,the addSubView method is definitely not suitable for this case,So i want to seek a best solution to set up a connection between a NsProgressIndicator and a special row,thanks

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The cellFrame is the problem:

[progress setFrame: cellFrame];

The cellFrame refers to the position of the cell inside the tableView and it has a specific origin(x,y). If you would like to position the progress indicator you should create a new rect for it and set the origin inside the cellRect.

NSMakeRect((cellFrame.size.width - 20.f)/2, cellFrame.size.height - 20.f), 20.f, 20.f)
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