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Can some one explain the difference between Amazon Flexible Payments Service and Simple Pay and Check out by Amazon?

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FPS = for developers to do really interesting things that are hard to do otherwise.

Simple Pay and Check out = for developers to quickly get payments to work with commonly desired features.

That is over-simplistic... but your question has been cold for months...


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In general, ftrotter is correct. However, I wanted to include some features that make FPS standout from Simple Pay. FPS allows you to setup "merchant" accounts for users, thus allowing you to manage both buyers and sellers (aka merchants). So, if you started a website that sold handmade toys, you could allow merchants from around the country to sell their toys on your site, and allow buyers to purchase these toys, all without you having to handle either the money or the product. While money never passes your hands/account, you can setup FPS to take a percentage and/or fixed amount of every transaction. That amount simply gets dropped into your account every time someone makes purchase. This is unique to FPS, although I believe paypal and others also have a similar service.

If you don't need to have multiple merchants on your site, I would steer clear of FPS. While they provide ample documentation for the initial setup, there is little troubleshoot documentation for when transaction fails, and they will fail. Additionally, if you don't have enough money in your Amazon account then transactions will start failing. But Amazon doesn't let you know what this value is, and it changes all the time. Literally out of no where transactions will start failing because we withdraw too much.

Good luck.

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Here are couple of links describing the FPS 'Reserve' requirements- payments.amazon.com/help/Amazon-Flexible-Payments-Service/… & payments.amazon.com/help/Amazon-Flexible-Payments-Service/… –  user553620 Mar 11 '14 at 23:20

According to Amazon, flexible pay give you more "flexibility" in terms of structuring a payment. One of its key feature is to create a market place, taking cut from each transaction. This is very unique.

The Amazon Check Out is a very standard checkout system, similar to paypal's standard service, but requiring an Amazon Payment account.

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