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In linux we can create a filesystem in single file and mount it. Is there any way to create a filesystem in a file in windows and mount the filesystem created in a file?

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In Windows 7 you can use diskpart to do this.

Save the command lines to a text file, such as c:\newdisk.txt. This example will create a 500 MB virtual disk and mount it:

 create vdisk file=c:\test.vhd maximum=500 type=fixed
 sel vdisk file=c:\test.vhd
 attach vdisk

Execute the script with diskpart:

 diskpart /s c:\newdisk.txt

You can also format the volume, assign a drive letter, etc with diskpart.

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In Windows 7/2008 it is simple to mount a VHD file:

VHD is a "virtual hard disk" normally used to host a virtual OS, but you could certainly create an empty one as a single file based file system...

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That link is dead, archived version¨ – Tobias Kienzler Nov 18 '14 at 11:37

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