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Possible Duplicate:
C# enums as function parameters?

I was wondering how I can pass an enum type as a method argument.

I'm trying to create a generic method that will take a combo box, and enum, and fill the combo box with each item of the enum.

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what is the problem you are having? – Bueller Jun 23 '11 at 13:39
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Refering to Convert Enum To Dictionary:

public static IDictionary<String, Int32> ConvertEnumToDictionary<K>()
 if (typeof(K).BaseType != typeof(Enum))
   throw new InvalidCastException();

 return Enum.GetValues(typeof(K)).Cast<Int32>().ToDictionary(currentItem => Enum.GetName(typeof(K), currentItem));

Then you can fill your ComboBox with the returned dictionary items.

Refer to the following as well:

Dictionary enumeration in c#

Enum to dictionary

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+1 I liked that! – Dummy01 Jun 23 '11 at 13:51

You can pass an enum generically like this:

private void Method(Enum tEnum)

And the GetValues will give you the values that are possible for that enum.

Usage would be a little odd:


so it might not fit as well as other ideas.

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you could maybe use a kind of generic enum helper like here :

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I was about to post that is exactly the same as what is at the end of that link. – Rangoric Jun 23 '11 at 13:43

Using this method, you cann add any type of enum like this: AddItems(myCombobox, typeof(Options))

  public void AddItems (ComboBox cboBox, Type enumType)
     cboBox.Items.AddRange(Enum.GetValues (enumType).Cast<object> ().ToArray ());

  enum Options
     Left, Right, Center
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I think this is best explained by an example:

Say you have an enum:

enum MyEnum

You can declare a method like:

    public static void MyEnumMethod(Enum e)
        var enumValues = Enum.GetValues(e.GetType());

        // you can iterate over enumValues with foreach

And you would call it like so:

MyEnumMethod(new MyEnum());
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You can use:


and just populate the combo box items from that

Edit: and of course use reflection to get the enum type :)

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