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I want to move all the folders with the starting work "Temp_*" to a different folder...I am not whether we can use wild card with Folders...I was looking online some one posted this piece of code not sure how to apply to my scenario..Any kind of help is really appreciated

Thanks BB

@echo off for /d %%a in ({*}) do xcopy "%%a" "C:\Home\a\b\tmp\%%a\" /E
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Here's one way to do it, replace C:\TEST01\ with your source folder location:

for /F %%a in ('dir C:\TEST01\TEMP_* /ad /b') do move C:\TEST01\%%a C:\Home\a\b\tmp\%%a
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Found this answer via Google, helped me out a lot. Thanks. –  Caligari Feb 14 '12 at 23:29

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