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I am creating a Brightcove plugin. The documentation implies that if you need pass in data to your plugin that you need to do that by attaching flashvars to the swf url. (example: myPlugin.swf?myVar=foo&yourVar=bar )

Is there another way to pass in vars? I want to be able to pass in an array of objects, each which contain objects as their own into my plugin.

If there isn't another way, how do I do that with a flash var string?

Ideally, I'd like to be able to use the BEML paradigm to pass in various XML style nodes and then parse those into classes.

Thank You.

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BEML is only to style your player and to attach modules/plugins.

If you download their GoogleAnalytics example.

You can build your plugin off that, and also this is how I was able to use Flashvars with that particular plugin:

myVar = this._bcStage.root.loaderInfo.parameters.flashVar;

I needed the _bcStage in order to get access to the HTML.

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