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Does someone know a lexer used to check coding rules for Action Script 3 ?

I would like to setup a quality software process for this, i have already found a one for PHP (http://pear.php.net/manual/en/package.php.php-codesniffer.php) but impossible to find a similar project for actionscript3 code.

If you have any info, don't hesitate ...

Thank you.

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Who needs a code checker when you write prefect code :) –  The_asMan Jun 23 '11 at 18:20

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Try FlexPMD: http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexpmd/FlexPMD and you can upload your results to here: http://opensource.adobe.com/svn/opensource/flexpmd/bin/flex-pmd-violations-viewer.html to view them.

(from the site) it checks:

  • Unused code (functions, variables, constants, etc.)
  • Inefficient code (misuse of dynamic filters, heavy constructors, etc.)
  • Over-complex code (nested loops, too many conditionals, etc.)
  • Over-long code (classes, methods, etc.)
  • Incorrect use of the Flex component lifecycle (commitProperties, etc.)

And you can add your own rules to it: http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexpmd/How+to+add+your+own+rule

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