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I have a Dojo form that does not contain a submit button. Instead, I added an onkeypress handler to calls a method when Enter is pressed. The problem I am having is that when I hit enter before blurring off the current field, the _process method thinks that field is empty.

Or in other words: type in field1. hit tab. type in field2. hit enter. field2 is blank unless i click off the field or shift-tab back.

Any ideas?

dojo.connect(dijit.byId("fkrform"),"onKeyPress",function(e) {                 
    if (e.keyCode == dojo.keys.ENTER) {

and the method it calls:

function _process()
    var field1 = dijit.byId("field1").value;
    var field2 = dijit.byId("field2").value;

    ...do stuff...

The fields are of dojoType: dijit.form.TextBox, and the form is: dijit.form.Form

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Use dijit.byId('field1').get('value') instead of directly try to access the property "value". In your example you saved the value in the variable field1 and field2 and in the alert you use the variable username and password could be the answer why you don't get anything. But you still should use the get method to get a property instead of directly access the property.

When you press "Enter" your form will submit. So you need to connect to the "onSubmit" event on the form, instead of onkeyPress or onKeyUp.

The first example i created prints the value of the input box on every key someone pressed in the console.


But what you really wanted was hooking into the submit. I modified the example. The new example connects to "onSubmit" and creates an alert box with the text of the user input.


For completness if jsfiddle doesn't work some day. You JavaScript should looks like this.

    var form = dijit.byId('form');
    var box  = dijit.byId('box');

    var submit = function(event) {
        alert("User input was " + box.get('value'));

    dojo.connect(form, 'onSubmit', submit);

Assuming your form in your HTML has the id form and your box have the id box.

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issue was caused by deprecated use of getting a value...using attr('value') fixed that. your submit method is much better, will convert to that...thanks! –  Sean Jun 24 '11 at 20:29

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