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Is there any module to create a complete shopping cart application in cmcms? I mean product listing, cart and order tracking. i found something in net but it requires separate modules for each task like products, cart, order.


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The separate Products, Cart and Orders modules are still the way to go for ecommerce in CMSMS. Refer to this page for a decent HOWTO on how to make it all work together. It's been revised fairly recently, and written by the module developer.

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I have used the following modules together several times:

Calguys Ecommerce Base *Cart* (shopping cart) Products (for the product catalog) Formbuilder (for the order form)

There is also the Orders module, and several shipping rate modules. Everything ties together quite well, so I didn't mind that several separate modules were involved. It's easy to customize everything to your need with some configuration and smarty-code.

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