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How do I park a Bluetooth connection? I'm trying to communicate with dozens of Bluetooth devices, and the time to re-establish a connection is unacceptable. I've read that you can park connections, but not found anything that answers how to do this.

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Could you be more specific about whether you are trying to park connections or device pairs? – Zimano Oct 7 at 15:24

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I know that you can park a connection if it's on the MS Bluetooth stack. There is a nice API you can use called 32feet.Net. It lets you set the socket options. Here's a quick link to the documentation. I hope it helps.

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Parking mode is one of connected state mode, explained in the core Bluetooth spec, right from early 1.1 or so. Please follow up with various sniff modes as well, including the newer ones such as sniff sub rating. Other than park modes, you have hold modes as well.

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