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I need to make a long string, about 360 characters, with different values that I am sending to a service. I know the positions for each section and I need to be able to insert values and blanks until I get to the next position. The following is just an example that I started; per say I need to start in position 0 and the next value needs to go in position 5(abc). So far I've been able to concatenate like this: "1234abc", but what I need is "1234[space]abc[space][space]" Thanks for your help.

    private void TrialSpaces()

        string str1 = "1234";
        string str2 = "abc";
        string finalStr;//Has to be 10 positions
        //like this "1234 abc  "

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string.Format("{0,-5}{1,-5}{2,-5}", val1, val2, val3);

This will make five spaces for each of the values, even if they are less than five characters wide. The "-" means that the values will be left-justified.

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Thank you ALL for your great QUICK responses. I just tried this suggestion and suffice my needs. I'll definitely try the other responses when I have a chance, but for now I can move on. You all have a great day! – Tony Jun 23 '11 at 15:41
var finalStr = ("1234" + " " + "abc").PadRight(10, ' ');
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Just use the StringBuilder like you suggested.

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
sb.Append(" ");
sb.Append("  ");
string finalString = sb.ToString();
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You can use String.Join

String.Join(" ", myStrings);

Assuming myStrings is an IEnumerable of strings

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while (finalStr.Length < 10)
    finalStr += " ";
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I recommend the Fixed Length format that FileHelpers supports.

public class Order 
    public int OrderId; 

    public string CustomerName; 

    public string SKU; 

    public decimal Price; 

    [FieldConverter(ConverterKind.Date, "ddMMyyyy")] 
    public DateTime AddedDate; 
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string finalStr = str1.PadRight(4,' ') + str2.PadRight(6,' ');

There is no need for a stringbuilder because you are adding it all at once.

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