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I am tring to execute the following

 public void ExecuteNonQuery(string script) {
        try {
            int returnCode;

            var builder = new DB2ConnectionStringBuilder {
                                                             UserID = Context.Parameters["USERID"],
                                                             Password =Context.Parameters["PASSWORD"],
                                                             Database =  Context.Parameters["DATABASE"],
                CurrentSchema =  Context.Parameters["CURRENTSCHEMA"]

            using (var connection = new DB2Connection(builder.ConnectionString)) {

                using (var command = new DB2Command(script, connection)
                    ) {
                    command.CommandType = CommandType.Text;


                    returnCode = command.ExecuteNonQuery();
                    File.WriteAllText(Context.Parameters["LOGFILE"], "Return Code -1 Successful : " + returnCode);
        catch (Exception ex) {
            throw ex;

I am calling a script that has multiple statements ending in ;'s and at the end of the file it contains an @ symbol. On a db2 command line I could use the db2 -td@ -f . I would like to know how to define the @ symbol as the statement terminator so I could execute the script from csharp. Here is example sql file :


CREATE PROCEDURE fred ( IN name, IN id )
specific fred
language sql
b1: begin
      update thetable
      set  thename = name
      where table_id = id;
end: b1

grant execute on procedure inst.fred to user dbuser@
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I would be useful if you could show what exactly are you trying to do in C# with the "@" character and doesn't work.

Until then, using a Char in C#:

System.Char mychar = '@';


System.Char mychar = '\u0040';

You can then use this variable in your code.

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I believe the OP is asking if the C# -> DB2 API allows him to specify @ as the SQL statement terminator character. I presume that the script parameter being passed into ExecuteNonQuery already ends with an @. –  Dan J Jun 23 '11 at 19:12
djacobson is correct. –  Yack Jun 27 '11 at 12:41

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