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Have any Professional course (certification program) for iPhone developer? Like MCAD for Microsoft .NET developer and Zend for PHP developer.

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I personally don't put too much store by certification programs - certainly not over real experience.

If you just want training, Big Nerd Ranch have several iPhone courses. Only in Europe and the US. Schedule is at http://www.bignerdranch.com/schedule.shtml

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I am not aware of any certification program for iPhone developers. But there are some free online resources like this course offered by the Stanford University:

CS 193P - iPhone Application Programming

There are 20 lectures you can download as PDF files.

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I don't know of any certification courses, but to add to the list of places to go to get training, Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is a great learning experience. In addition to several tracks of technical instruction, they run labs where you can have one-on-one interaction with Apple engineers. I found the whole thing tremendously worthwhile.


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I took a training course in March and recieved my iPhone Developer Certification. It was pretty solid. The link is - http://www.theunbounded.com/iPhone/iPhone-Developer-Training.asp

Hope this helps.


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