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Is there such a document, or a common javascript documentation that Google also follows?

Only thing out of the Google searches I could get is https://developer.mozilla.org/en/javascript#Documentation

I am looking for a list of all the valid values that can go as first arguments to addEventListener()

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Chrome's JavaScript implementation (V8) is an implementation of the ECMAScript 3, and any good JavaScript documentation (such as MDC) is what you want. –  cbley Jun 23 '11 at 15:50

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V8 tries to be bug-for-bug compatible with JSCore but besides that it's a stock JS interpreter.

addEventListener is specified in DOM level 2 EventTarget.

void               addEventListener(in DOMString type, 
                                    in EventListener listener, 
                                    in boolean useCapture);


This method allows the registration of event listeners on the event target. If an EventListener is added to an EventTarget while it is processing an event, it will not be triggered by the current actions but may be triggered during a later stage of event flow, such as the bubbling phase.

If multiple identical EventListeners are registered on the same EventTarget with the same parameters the duplicate instances are discarded. They do not cause the EventListener to be called twice and since they are discarded they do not need to be removed with the removeEventListener method.


type of type DOMString

The event type for which the user is registering

listener of type EventListener

The listener parameter takes an interface implemented by the user which contains the methods to be called when the event occurs.

useCapture of type boolean

If true, useCapture indicates that the user wishes to initiate capture. After initiating capture, all events of the specified type will be dispatched to the registered EventListener before being dispatched to any EventTargets beneath them in the tree. Events which are bubbling upward through the tree will not trigger an EventListener designated to use capture.

No Return Value

No Exceptions

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The best programming docs for javascript are the MDN online docs. Which is located:


And the exact entry for that method call is:


Iv'e personally found it very useful.

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