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I am trying to write a minimal function that can be called with a variable number of arguments but that will not throw a wrong number of arguments error if miscalled.

Here is where I start from :

function varargout=fname(varargin)
% Usage: output=fname(input)

% Arguments check
if(nargin~=1 || nargout~=1)
    disp('Function fname requires one input argument');
    disp('and one output argument');
    disp('Try `help fname`');




However this does not work as I would like it to. Is there a way to write a function that :

  • never throw a "wrong number of arguments" error (so that the rest of the execution can continue)
  • accepts variable number of input and output arguments and checks them inside the function
  • (maybe more tricky) if the number of input / output arguments is not correct, does not replace the value of the provided output arguments (so that any misplaced call does not erase the previous value of the output argument)

I am open to any suggestions / other methods.

Thank you for your help.

UPDATE: thanks to @Amro for his answer, I guess what I miss here is either a call by address of reference for Matlab functions or a way to interrupt a function without returning anything and without stopping the rest of the execution.

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What exactly doesn't work? What are you getting? –  Phonon Jun 23 '11 at 19:02

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Here is one way to implement your function:

function varargout = fname(input,varargin)
    %# FNAME
    %# Usage: output=fname(input)

    %%# INPUT
    if nargin<1
        varargout(1:nargout) = {[]};
        warning('Not enough input arguments.'), return
    if ~isempty(varargin)
        warning('Too many input arguments.')

    %%# YOUR CODE: manipulate input, and compute output
    output = input;

    %%# OUTPUT
    varargout{1} = output;
    if nargout>1
        warning('Too many output arguments.')
        varargout(2:nargout) = {[]};

Obviously you can customize the warning messages to your liking...

Also, if you want your function to simply print the message instead of issuing warnings, replace all WARNING calls with simple DISP function calls.

Examples of function call:

x = fname()
x = fname(1)
x = fname(1,2)
[x,y] = fname()
[x,y] = fname(1)
[x,y] = fname(1,2)

The above calls execute as expected (showing warning messages when applicable). One caveat though, in the last three calls, if the variable y already existed in the workspace prior to the calls, it would be overwritten by the empty value y=[] in each...

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If I understand your question correctly, then the answer is no. If a caller calls a function like this:

[a, b, c] = fname('foo');

then fname is required to return (at least) three outputs. There's no way to tell MATLAB that it should leave b and c alone if fname only returns one output.

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