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I try to use freemarker for template e-mails in my web-app on jboos 5.1 webapp server.


<bean id="freemarkerConfiguration"
    <property name="templateLoaderPath" value="/WEB-INF/templates" />

<bean id="registrationMailService" class="com.epam.darts.webapp.utils.RegistrationMailService">
    <property name="configuration" ref="freemarkerConfiguration" />
    <property name="mailSender" ref="mailSender" />


public class RegistrationMailService {

    private JavaMailSender mailSender;
    private Configuration configuration;

    public void sendConfirmationEmail(final User user) {
        MimeMessage message = this.mailSender.createMimeMessage();
        MimeMessageHelper helper = new MimeMessageHelper(message);
        try {


            Map<String, Object> model = new HashMap<String, Object>();
            model.put("user", user);

            String sendText = FreeMarkerTemplateUtils.processTemplateIntoString(
                        this.configuration.getTemplate("regisstration_mail.html"), model);
            helper.setText(sendText, true);
        catch(MessagingException e) {

    public void setMailSender(final JavaMailSender mailSender) {
        this.mailSender = mailSender;
    public void setConfiguration(final Configuration configuration) {
        this.configuration = configuration;

maven depandency for freemarker:


First time it works good. But if I try to redeploy my app (mvn clean package jboss:hard-deploy) I got error

 18:17:46,839 ERROR [ContextLoader] Context initialization failed
org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'registrationMailService' defined in
ServletContext resource [/WEB-INF/spring/spring-mail.xml]: Initialization of bean failed; nested exception is org.springfram
ework.beans.ConversionNotSupportedException: Failed to convert property value of type 'freemarker.template.Configuration' to
 required type 'freemarker.template.Configuration' for property 'configuration'; nested exception is java.lang.IllegalStateE
xception: Cannot convert value of type [freemarker.template.Configuration] to required type [freemarker.template.Configurati
on] for property 'configuration': no matching editors or conversion strategy found

May be problem is in class-loader, but i dont know how fix it.

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It looks like you have two copies of freemarker's JAR file in your classpath. You need to find them, and narrow it down to one.

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You are rigth. I had the problem with my jboss class loader –  Shurok Jun 27 '11 at 12:33

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