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Are the "index", "first" and "last" meta links and rel attributes deprecated?

I'm developing a cms that uses them for pagination in the head's meta links and rel attributes within the pagination nav.

But when I wanted to validate the page as html5 I got them as a bad value.

Where are they gone? only "prev" and "next" pass the validation.

Even in the whatwg list they don't exist

Should I remove them?


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Intresting... never heard of those meta. – Jose Faeti Jun 23 '11 at 15:59
@Jose: these are used to tell search engines for example that the current document is a part of a series (pagination) – medk Jun 23 '11 at 16:02

HTML5 adopted this Change Proposal as documented here

Frankly, the arguments are dubious. There are plug-ins for browsers, one of which I use, which make use of rel="first" and rel="last".

The rel registry is now officially run by the site. Hopefully, the "index", "first" and "last" rel types will be readopted there in due course.

UPDATE: Note that there is a ongoing discussion about this on the W3C HTML5 WG mailing list. The thread starts at

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