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I have several range inputs that I have to make consistent across browsers so I am using jQuery UI slider for them. The problem is not with that part, but actually with getting those elements.

This is how the inputs look:

<input type="range" name="..." value="..." min="..." max="..." />

Selecting them with input[type="range"] works in every browse besides IE7 (IE8 is fine). The code should run on Wordpress 3.1, so I have to use jQuery 1.4.

I've currently solved it by adding a class to the range inputs and that works fine, but I was wondering what is the problem with this selector in IE7?

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IE7 and lower will automatically convert to type="text". Try this and you will see

alert($('input').attr('type')); // alerts "text"

Therefore your selector doesn't match.

You could add data-type instead of a class only for jQuery selection

<input data-type="range" type="range" name="..." value="..." min="..." max="..." />

and use

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IE 7 supports a limited set of attribute selectors. Furthermore, it probably doesn't recognize input type="range".

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ie7 like ie6 has become an obsolete browser so you should not be expecting it to support type=range.

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