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I hope you can help me with this problem.

Magento, versions CE 1.4.2,,

I have had to adapt a payment module for Magento, following all recipes, config.xml, system.xml, etc/module/Mycompany_Mypaymentmodule.xml, which all work fine.

But recently, I've double checked and found an error: in my config.xml, I had put:



That's because originally, the module was supposed to be placed inside the community-folder. Following the guidelines, I've rewritten classes, xml's et cetera to reflect the local codepool. That too went well (except for an error that I had debugged).

However, inside the config.xml, I have renamed the modules-tag, like so:


The strange thing is that Magento now keeps asking me for the old Helper-class-file when I go to the Payment Methods in the backend, resulting in:

Fatal error: Class 'Mage_Mycompany_Helper_Data' not found in path\to\app\Mage.php on line 520

In other words, Magento keeps asking for a helper class of my old, pre-renamed module, which of course is nowhere to be found.

I've done an extensive search in all files, but nowhere is the string Mage_Mycompany to be found, so my guess is Magento is trying to load this helper class out of a database table. Of course, I've cleared the cache and rebuilt all indexes multiple times, and removed all cache files. I also checked practically all database tables, but to no avail.

Second, when I create the helper class by hand in app/code/community/Mage/Mycompany/Helper/Data.php, all goes well, which to me sounds strange, because the class itself should not be called (since it is never mentioned in any config.xml).

I must be missing something, and perhaps the class name is generated on the fly, but I really do not know how to avoid it or to fix it... so any help is appreciated!

Thanx in advance!



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Step one, of course, is to clear your cache.

If clearing cache doesn't work.

Step 2: The data helper class is used to translate strings for a module. That is, each data helper has a method

$helper->__('Translate this symbol');

that will translate a string per that module's helper file.

Throughout the system, there are several XML files where you may want certain nodes to be translated. The syntax looks something like this.

<dhl translate="label" module="usa">
    <label>The Label</label>

Here you're telling magento to translate the "label" node enclosed in dhl, and to use the usa module to do it. That is, use the helper instantiated like

//same thing as above, helpers default to data

to translate the label

$helper->__('The Label');

My guess is one of your XML files still has your old module configure for translation

<sometag module="mycompany" translate="someothertag" />

which makes magento look for a helper that's no longer there, and boom, there's your error.

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Forgotten translate="someothertag" in xml file after copy/paste from another module is the most common mistake which causes such kind of fatal error. – Zyava Jun 23 '11 at 19:33
Hi Alan,You were right. In my system.xml there still was a reference to module="mycompany". I have changed that to Mycompany_Mypaymentmodule and all went well. As a sidenote: I tried to change the module to "paygate", which went well too (because Mage_Paygate helper class exists). Changing to Paygate2 (as a test) resulted in the same error, because Mage_Paygate2 does not exist. That's exactly the problem / solution. I had to define the right module name, for which a helper class does exist. Thank you very much! – Tom Jun 24 '11 at 7:57

Tha Data helper is loaded when you call the translation helper, ie: Mage::helper('modulename')->__("some string to translate").
In your config .xml, have you declared the module's helper class?:

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