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I'm currently trying to get the latest facebook sdk for my website to work. I'm using NuGet to download and install this onto my website.

In the last few weeks I built a simple site using this sdk and was able to get it to work just fine. Now I'm trying to add this into a new project and I'm getting this error on compile.

My NuGet is the latest version (I updated it today) and when I create a blank, new project, just now it worked fine when I added in the facebook sdk.

My website is in a solution with another project, if that makes any difference. The other issue I noticed is that when I open up the properties page in my website and view all the current references they are not there. When I viewed my temp project after I added them they showed up fine. I attempted to just manually add the references, but nothing happened. No error, and was not added.

Another interesting thing is that when I uninstall the facebook sdk web from the NuGet interface it removes the references from the web.config, but it does not delete the files it installed. When I uninstalled the files from my temp project, all files were removed during the uninstall.

Any ideas?

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Are you sure you haven't forgotten to add the Facebook.Contracts reference to your project references where you're using the library?

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