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Can I stroke a path so that it is not drawn on screen but converted to a new path? If so, how?

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What do you mean converted to a new path? –  Simon Sarris Jun 23 '11 at 17:07
@Simon Something similar to convert stroke to object in vector editors; for instance I draw a circle on path, do this trick, then fill and have a filled ring. –  mbq Jun 23 '11 at 17:55

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In canvas, (almost) all shapes, stroked or filled, are paths. There is no concept of a "stroke" in canvas, but there is the concept of calling stroke() on a path.

What you can do is create a path, fill it, and then stroke the very same path.


ctx.fillStyle = 'gold'

// The path is still there, lets stroke it
ctx.lineWidth = 4;

Live example:


However note that once you start a new path, that old path is lost forever. There is no built in way to save or restore paths. If you want to keep track of a path to save/restore it, you have to account for it all yourself.

You also cannot edit a path. You can add it the end of it, but there's no going back and modifying the points in a path like there is in (say) SVG. You gotta remake it from the start with the new points instead.

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