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I have alphanumeric values like. XYZ1,XYZ2......XYZ11, XYZ12 and so on, now I want to select only the Max numeric value, i.e. 12 here. I tried-

 select max(REPLACE(ID,'XYZ','')) from myTable;

but this is returning 9. why?

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Do you also expect 'XYZ9' < 'XYZ12'? – Gabe Jun 23 '11 at 17:00
It's my bad, I should have noticed it's a string – Wondering Jun 23 '11 at 17:10

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Try converting to INT before max

select max(cast(REPLACE(ID,'XYZ','') as int)) from myTable;
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It's still treating your value as a string instead of a number. Try:

select max(CAST(REPLACE(ID,'XYZ','') AS INT) from myTable;
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Because you're still comparing strings. The fact that they contain only numeric digits doesn't mean that they're not strings. You need to convert them:

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Another method is

select max(REPLACE(ID,'XYZ','')*1) from myTable
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