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I have hit a wall with this one, please could someone help me out?

From the URL below I am looking to get to the inner text of

<a href="/borsa/azioni/scheda.html?isin=IT0001233417&lang=en">A2A</a>

The XPath syntax I am using doesn't return any data:


The URL is

Thanks in advance,


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How about //tbody[@class='constituents']//td[@class='name']/a? This should work pretty well, actually.

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Your XPath starts with ., so it is relative to the context node. But you haven't told us anything about the context. Maybe you want to omit the initial . and make it "absolute":


I would also change the // to / wherever you're looking for a direct child (not descendant in general) relationship.

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From my experience, HTMLAgilityPack doesn't play nice with the tbody tag. I just follow up the table with the tr td to find the right cell, skipping tbody altogether.

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