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I have a JTable in which users can edit cells. When the user is through editing the cell, I want to enable a button that allows the user to validate the input. However, I only want to do this when the user is no longer in edit mode. Is there an easy way for me to detect if any cell in a Jtable is currently being edited?

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Even easier:

if (!table.isEditing())
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It turns out that the Jtable has a way to detect if any cell is being edited. It is actually very simple. You simply check if myJtable.getCellEditor() == null. If it is not, you are editing a cell, if it is, no cells are being edited.

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class TableEditor extends DefaultCellEditor{
JTextField com;

  public TableEditor(){
  getComponent().addFocusListener(new FocusAdapter() {
    public void focusGained(FocusEvent e){
      com.setBackground(new Color.red);

And then

tb.setDefaultEditor(Object.class,new TableEditor());
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I would use a custom TabelModel and override the setValueAt function to perform your validation. It should automatically be called whenever a user is done editing a table cell.

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