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I am fluent in XNA but know nothing about Quicktime libraries and I am currently developing an XNA windows-only application in which I would like to playback Quicktime videos.

In what way(s) can I get a Quicktime player object to output bytes[] so that I can set Data on a Texture2D ? What lib(s) is necessary ?

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Why quicktime? Users need to have quicktime or quicktime alternative installed to play such videos. And less and less people have these libraries (good riddance) – CodesInChaos Jun 23 '11 at 20:07

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Simple answer: You can't. Hard answer: Write (or find) something that can crack open the Quicktime container and get to the underlying byte stream. Once you have this, you can then figure out how to play it through whichever channel you've chosen.

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XNA 4.0 now has a built in media player. The video files must be in .wmv format.

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Do you mean the VideoPlayer class (…) ? The reason why I ended up looking at quicktime was because the wmv videos can only be 1280x720 max in XNA and my windows-only XNA is required to play fullHD res videos. – Jelly Ama Jun 29 '11 at 15:07

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