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my company is using mercurial and the client is using TFS. we need a 2 way sync process?? if there are some changes in TFS these should be reflected in mercurial and vice versa need some solution like if v made some batch process etc thnx in advance

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I have not seen anything about an hg-tfs process, but there is one for git (git-tfs)... Kinda hokey, but may provide an option in conjunction with hg-git.

You'd still have to write up some scripts and such to automate the communication between the servers.

Alternatively, maybe the git-tfs project could be a good starting place for a new hg-tfs project :)

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We had to do a one-time conversion of a TFS repo into Mercurial, and didn't find any good way to do it. Initially we wanted to use [tfs2svn], and then hg convert the SVN repo.

Alas, tfs2svn isn't stable when it comes to complex renames and branching. I managed to convert a small repo that way, but had to write a custom tfs2hg utility to convert another repo, with 2 years worth of history.

If you find a solution, please post an answer.

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