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Hi I have problem with building uLan driver for Linux. When I compiling it I get errors:

/home/tomas/hairc/ulan-build/host/ul_drv/ul_drv/ul_linux.c:73:1: error: ‘param_ops_char’ undeclared here (not in a function)
/home/tomas/hairc/ulan-build/host/ul_drv/ul_drv/ul_linux.c:73:1: error: called object ‘""’ is not a function
/home/tomas/hairc/ulan-build/host/ul_drv/ul_drv/ul_linux.c:73:1: error: expected ‘)’ before string constant
/home/tomas/hairc/ulan-build/host/ul_drv/ul_drv/ul_linux.c:73:1: error: bit-field ‘<anonymous>’ width not an integer constant
/home/tomas/hairc/ulan-build/host/ul_drv/ul_drv/ul_linux.c:73:1: error: invalid initializer
/home/tomas/hairc/ulan-build/host/ul_drv/ul_drv/ul_linux.c:73:1: error: expected ‘,’ or ‘;’ before string constant

This is error is same for lots of lines. there is code:

module_param_array(chip, charp, &chip_specified, 0); //this is line 73
module_param_array(my_adr, int, &my_adr_specified, 0);
module_param_array(baud, int, &baud_specified, 0);
module_param_array(irq, int, &irq_specified, 0);
module_param_array(port, int, &port_specified, 0);
module_param_array(baudbase, int, &baudbase_specified, 0);
#if defined(UL_WITH_PCI) || defined(UL_WITH_USB)
module_param_array(slot, charp, &slot_specified, 0);
module_param(debug, int, 0);
module_param(ul_usb_msg_inpr, int, 0);
module_param(ulbuffer, int, 0);

At old version of kernel it runs ok (now I have 2.6.38). Does anybody know where is a problem? It will helps me a lot. Thanks

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How are you attempting to compile the uLan driver? Do you have all the build dependencies installed for compiling kernel modules? (Including the proper kernel headers?) – sarnold Jun 24 '11 at 6:52

The actual updated version from GIT repository has been successfully tested with 2.6.38. Some update is still required for build with 2.6.39 up and 3.0 Linux kernel version.

By the way, why you do not use standard channels to communicate ( Forums and e/mails) with project developers?

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