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I'm using the Facebook open graph protocol on several pages on my site. I understand that each unique URL will have a different admin URL (as shown in the linter tool), however, there appear to be atleast 2 different versions of this administrative interface.

The best way to illustrate is by example - the first image below shows a screenshot of the Facebook admin interface for the site's home page. The second shows a screenshot of the admin interface for one of the inside pages. One obvious difference, for example, is that the second page includes a "Get Started" link in the left-hand navigation bar.

The only og: tags which differ on those pages are image, title and url. All the other tags (including app_id) are the same.

Would really appreciate it if someone could explain the reason for the different admin interfaces?

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2 Screenshot 2

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Facebook upgraded their Business page format back in February. Maybe they are different versions.

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Thanks for the response! The strange part is that the site was just a twinkle in my eye in February. Maybe it took them a while to roll out the new format? Any advice on how I might be able to cleverly recreate/upgrade my page without losing my likes? PS. Thanks OffBySome for editing my post and embedding the images... Very cool that trusted senior members can do this! – Robert Locke Jun 24 '11 at 14:12

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