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I have a customer usercontrol that is a labeled TextBox (Border wrapped about a Label and a TextBox with the TextBox overlapping the label). I am finding few (working) examples on how to get the TextChanged function to work when called from my UserControl.

Just the textbox snippet:

FontSize="{Binding Path=DefaultFontSize}"
Style="{StaticResource WatermarkTextBox}"
Padding="{Binding Path=TextPadding}"
Tag="{Binding Path=TextValue}"

I have tried using RoutedEventHandler like I did with my button's Click event, but it didn't work. How do I get it so when let's say I use on the window it is required:

    TextValue="{Binding SomethingOrOther}"

that it will fire off correctly and do the needed function

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Are you saying you want to define an event for your UserControl and hook to it? Or that you want your binding to work properly? Or something else> –  Ed Bayiates Jun 23 '11 at 19:14

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This question's really unclear. Do you want your user control to support a TextChanged event that gets raised when the text in the TextBox changes? If so, you need to implement it in the code-behind.

First, declare the event:

public event TextChangedEventHandler TextChanged;

Then, add an event handler to the TextBox:

<TextBox TextChanged="TextBox_TextChanged" ... />

and in the code-behind:

private void TextBox_TextChanged(object sender, TextChangedEventArgs args)
   TextChangedEventHandler h = TextChanged;
   if (h != null)
      h(this, args);
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If you are using MVVM (Or if your TextValue binding is binding to something you can get to and edit) you can put the logic you want executed in the setter.

So, lets say you are binding to a property MyTextBoxValue. Set the binding mode to two way in the XAML, and in the setter put the logic or call to another method.

If you want the code to fire every time you type, set UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged in XAML, if you want the code to fire only when text entry is "done" set UpdateSourceTrigger=LostFocus.

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