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In VS2008 I have a setup project which installs the Primary Output of one app to the application folder, and the Primary Output of class library project into a subfolder of the application directory.

Both projects reference several third-party assemblies (some DevExpress UI controls).

When I install the application, the subfolder is successfully created and the class library assembly is correctly put there. However, all the third-party assemblies are duplicated to this folder as well (they are in the main application folder and the subfolder).

One other completely bizarre behavior (IMO) is that if I delete the extra assemblies manually from the subfolder, then I run the executable in the app folder, the deleted assemblies get copied to the subfolder again.

I then modified the setup project to only install the class library assembly from its Debug folder (as opposed to the Primary Output). When I install the app the DevExpress DLLs are still going to both folders. (However, if I delete the extra assemblies and run the executable the extra dependencies do not reappear this time.)

What's going on here? All I want is the class libraries I add to the Setup Project to appear in the subfolder, and the executable and all the dependencies to be in the Application folder.

Whats really driving me batty is I migrated this solution from VS2005 and I never had this problem before. Is there a setting in VS2008 at that causes this?

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