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I been working on porting my application on "Rails 3.0.7" ,ever since I started to employ caching for my application either (file cache,memcache or any other) . I always happen to get the above error "can't dump File" .

I Google a bit and found that it has something to do with Marshal dump as ruby interpreter does allow Marshal dump of object that have Procs or lambdas in them so I looked upon my code but I could not find any Proc and lambda in my whole applications

Now to discover the problem I drill down the ActiveRecord 3.0.7 code and here are few interesting finding that I came up with

1 . "includes" in Rails 3 + internally call the define name scope OK this I give the answer that there is Proc and Lambada associated with the object so the error but this doesn't explain why the same code work sometime and report with errors(above errors) other times I mean If the error is for the Marshalling and object that hold a Proc or a Lambada then code should definitely not work and should always report errors no matter how many times the same code is ran but that not the case over here the code return errors sometimes and work well other times


Rails.cache.fetch("accessible_websites_1") { Website.includes(:account) }

2 . If the ".includes" in Rails 3.0 + has problem then what up with other 'include' syntax does it too report error (above error) so I ran the code with older syntax of include

Here is it

Rails.cache.fetch("accessible_websites_1") { Website.all(:include => :account) }

well surprisingly it ran but it never preloaded the account related for all the website ( which is where weird) but at least It never gave and error so did a forensic on Active Record 3.0 + once again to discover how the older version of include(Rails 2.3 +) work surprise to know that the older version of include syntax internally call the .includes method of ActiveRecord 3.0 +

whoo How is that possible two different syntax both call the same internal method one report with error sometimes ( not every time but preload the associated object) and other does not report with error but neither preload the associated object as said earlier.

OK , Hearing all this if anyone can help me out then I would be utmost grateful

By the way

Here what I'm trying to achieve

Rails.cache.fetch("accessible_websites_1") { Website.includes(:account) }

the equivalent code of above in Rails 2.3.5 and Rails 3 + (but does not preload the associated account object of all websites) i.e

Rails.cache.fetch("accessible_websites_1") { Website.find(:all,:include => :account) }

Work perfectly fine without any issue

I using

Ruby = "ruby 1.8.7 (2010-01-10 patchlevel 249) [i486-linux]" Rails = " Rails 3.0.7"

The same Problem even persisted on Rails 3.1.0

am I missing something

I can also provide the model structure if required

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No I'm not marshalling an instance of File – Viren Jun 26 '11 at 11:39
Yes I'm aware of Rails Cache using Marshal internally and no I'm not storing and instance of File any how in my code.Plus the error is not persistent as mention in my question above. I can also share the code if your interested. – Viren Jun 27 '11 at 12:52
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The problem is that


does not load the data, it just provides you with a proxy object that will load the objects on demand when you do something like calling #each or #to_s, if you force the fetching by adding a #to_aat the end it should work, e.g. try


#all(x=>y) does not do the same thing as #x(y), that is why you can do X.includes.joins.where but not X.all.where.

Not sure where the reference to a File comes from though.

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Are You speaking in regards to Rails 3 (which I think is true)cuz this it is so untrue in Rails 2.3+ as I tested above before posting the question .Also the error is replicating in Rails 3+ and not in Rails 2.3+ cuz Ruby Marshal doesn't except "Proc" in them Which is weird digging through source code found Rails new includes internally call the old syntax of 2.3+ also the error was not persistent as describe above. – Viren Dec 5 '11 at 5:30
yes, I am talking about rails 3, because the question appears to be about porting to rails3. I advice you share the code, it may help us help you. – riffraff Dec 5 '11 at 8:09

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