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this is the error I'm getting from my IDE:

Error: Attribute "checked" not allowed on XHTML element "a" at this point. From line 66, column 1; to line 66, column 70

<a href="javascript:chooseStyle('none', 60)" checked="checked">Default style</a>


How do I change the code to get the correct XHTML syntax?


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a elements may not have a checked attribute. Only input elements with a type of radio or checkbox may. It makes no sense to give a link a checked attribute.

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checked="checked" is not a valid attribute for an anchor tag.

How/Where to use checked="checked" :

<input name="nameHere" id="idHere" value="valueHere" type="checkbox" checked="checked" /> 
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Remove "checked" and add "title" <a href="javascript:chooseStyle('none',60)" title="Choose Style">Default style</a>

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