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I am using Eclipse Java-EE and I'm trying to make a servlet from there. However, I see a problem with mapping url-pattern in web.xml, the tomcat server wont initialise when the value inside the url-mapping is not the same as the project name? Is there a way I can assign different url-mapping value apart for the project name? Thanks.

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pls, give an example of your web.xml –  maks Jun 23 '11 at 23:51
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for example your servlet definition is as below

 <!-- Define the servlet -->

Say, your application root context is "webapplication" and your server is running on localhost,port 8080. then you can access above servlet http://localhost:8080/webapplication/servlet

if you are asking about Web Context root (webapplication in above example) then you can also change it. in eclipse, right click your project->properties -> Web Project Setting and change name of your appplication in Context Root field.

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