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How do I change:


using Jquery?

I have the following code and would like to change it in the event of a right click: (CASE 2)

// will_paginate + ajax 
// updates two divs: #pages and #pagelink
// see places#search controller; passes 4 parameters to the search action

  $('.pagination a').mousedown(function(event) {
      switch (event.which) {
          case 1:
              $(".pagination a").live("click", function(event) {

              // Javascript Regular expression function; extracts page number from full url
              var extractPageNumber = function(s) {
                var r=/page=(\d+)/, m=(""+s).match(r);
                return (m) ? Number(m[1]) : undefined;
              var pageregex = extractPageNumber($(this).attr('href'));
              $(".pagination").html("Page is loading...")
              $.get("/event", {  event: $("input[name=event]").val(), page: pageregex }, function(data) {
              return false;

          case 2:
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Is a simple "event"->"contest" string replacement acceptable? And also, what happens if someone normally clicks the link (as opposed to right-clicking it)? – mc10 Jun 23 '11 at 18:56
In the event of a normal click, it uses JQuery to GET a JSON element from the server. It updates the page element from JSON using the $('#tweets').html(data.html). The right click is used to get another URL that does not return JSON. – JZ. Jun 23 '11 at 19:00

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Is this what your looking for?

case 2:
   var href = $(this).attr("href").replace(/event/g, "contest")
   // do stuff with href
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