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I am looking for something like Python's urllib that I can use in Common Lisp. All I am really interested in is the ability to fetch a URL and have a file stream that can be read to produce the requested page's HMTL source code. Exactly as urllib.urlopen does.

I'd like to quickly point out that I'm quite new to Common Lisp, so if any answers could include some sort of explanation about how to go about installing and then using the module (or solution) in question, I'd appreciate it. I am familiar with the basics of CL, so I shouldn't need a full course on anything.

I am running Crunchbang Linux, which uses aptitude for any package management and using the SBCL implementation of Common Lisp. Thanks in advanced.

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cliki.net/Web –  zellio Jun 23 '11 at 19:34
cliki.net/HTTP%20client –  Corey Goldberg Jun 23 '11 at 19:36
I've already seen these pages. I'm actually asking this here because I can't really follow the documentation in the modules I checked out as I'm really just not familiar with tools used with CL. –  Travis Mullaly Jun 23 '11 at 19:56

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Drakma is pretty good as a HTTP client.

  • Install Quicklisp
  • Load Drakma with (ql:quickload "drakma")
  • (drakma:http-request some-url) will return a bunch of data from some-url.
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Take a look at trivial-http. I used it when I was looking for urllib alternative for Common Lisp in the past.

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