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I have the following code:

and compile the project(sbt), send me the following message:

src/main/scala/code/model/ReCaptcha.scala.scala:114: not found: value compact

[error] val RecaptchaOptions = compact(render(reCaptchaOptions))

any suggestions please :(

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@Jean Then again, they are mostly Lift questions. Lift support on Stack Overflow is rather lacking, so it might just be that none of the questions have a valid answer. Unlikely, but possible. – Daniel C. Sobral Jun 23 '11 at 21:09

Compact comes from lift-json I would imagine as thats the only place I recall that method being defined. Try adding this import:

  import net.liftweb.json.JsonAST._

In addition, you may want to refer to the lift-json documentation for usage on compact(...)

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