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I have two tables as below:


  • ID
  • UserName
  • Email


  • ID
  • Message

FROMUSER and TOUSER have a Foreign key reference to ID in Users table.

Now I want to retrieve messages doing a join on users with the user's email addresses, as below

| ID | Message | FROMEMAIL | TOEMAIL |

I could write a query as below.

SELECT Step1.*, as ToUser 
  FROM (SELECT messages.*, 
      as fromuser 
          FROM messages 
          JOIN users on messages.fromuser = users.ID) as Step1 
  JOIN users on step1.touser = users.ID

Is there any simple way I can achieve this without the subquery?

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Just join the Users table twice:

SELECT Message, uf.Email AS FromEmail, ut.Email AS ToEmail
FROM Messages
JOIN Users uf ON Messages.FromUser = uf.Id
JOIN Users ut ON Messages.ToUser = ut.Id
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