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I downloaded a PECL extension and executed:

$ phpize
$ ./configure

The following command generated dozens of errors:

$ make

I suspect that the first two errors lead to the others:

/Users/afilina/Downloads/APC-3.1.9/apc.h:61:17: error: php.h: No such file or directory /Users/afilina/Downloads/APC-3.1.9/apc.h:62:30: error: main/php_streams.h: No such file or directory

Here is an example of the dozens of syntax errors:

/Users/afilina/Downloads/APC-3.1.9/apc.h:69: error: syntax error before 'TSRMLS_DC'

Does anyone have pointers as to what might have happened? Installing using the "pecl" command is not an option as my PEAR installation is corrupted.

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You likely need the php5-devel or php-devel package. –  ceejayoz Jun 23 '11 at 20:36

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You need the PHP headers. Depending the Distro, or OS these may be found in a different manner.

In debian you need install "php5-dev":

apt-get install php5-dev

Realy i don't know how install it in Mac.

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