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I am trying to use Spring social to connect to a facebook account, I have injected a FacebookServiceProvider into my serverside class as follows:

<bean class="">
    <constructor-arg value="${twitter.consumer.key}" />
    <constructor-arg value="${twitter.consumer.secret}" />
<bean class="">
    <constructor-arg value="${}" />
    <constructor-arg value="${}" />

in the config, and

private TwitterServiceProvider twitterServiceProvider;
private FacebookServiceProvider facebookServiceProvider;

in the serverside class. I am able to get the TwitterApi from the TwitterServiceProvider because I can get the required accessToken ad accessSecret are provided by twitter

private String twitterAccessToken;
private String twitterAccessSecret;
TwitterApi api = twitterServiceProvider.getApi(twitterAccessToken, twitterAccessSecret);

My question is where do I get the required accessToken to get the FacebookApi from the FacebookServiceProvider.

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Let me give an update, I have managed to create an access token from the facebook developers page, but the problem is that the token is only valid for 1 hour. Given that I want to code the connection credentials into my application, this will obviously not work. I have read that it is possible to create a token that never expires using offline_access, but how do I do this using the facebook developers page? – Clinton Bosch Jul 1 '11 at 10:54

Just query the UserConnection table on userId to get the accessToken or join the table with you own Customer or User Entity class.

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I also tried to get accessToken from FacebookServiceProvider but I'd not do it. But you can get accessToken using the help from

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The link opens up an ad page – surajz Aug 8 '12 at 14:57

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