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I'm designing a website and I need to:

  • Upload the image
  • Validate that it's an image (and not, oh I don't know.... a virus :) )
  • Resize the Image
  • convert to jpg

Essentially basic image upload

Instead of writing my own I'm trying to find a php class that let's me do all this, because as Jeff Atwood said, "never design what you can steal"

Now before you go ahead and downvote because I didn't do my research, I did:

Googling this brings up a huge amount of results, which is the problem, I don't know which results are useful and which are trash!

So far, Ive found:

Does anyone have any experience with these classes? Can you recommend an outstanding image upload class?

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I tend to use a framework of one description or another, which cover's the file upload part. However, do have a recommendation for the cropping bit:

Imagine -

And if you want to make the uploader a tiny bit better than just an input type=file, try:

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My personal favorite Image Manipulation Library is WideImage. It makes is ridiculously easy to do that kind of task.

->crop('center', 'center', 90, 50)->saveToFile('cropped/pic.jpg');

As for validating if it is actually an image or not, use finfo or PEAR::Mime_type. I personally prefer PEAR::Mime_Type. It uses finfo but it's just simpler to use.

Using finfo:

$finfo = finfo_open(FILEINFO_MIME_TYPE);
$mimetype = finfo_file($finfo, $filename);

$isImage = (preg_match('#^image/#', $mimetype) === 1);

Using PEAR::Mime_Type:

$mimetype = MIME_Type::autoDetect($filename);

$isImage = MIME_Type::wildcardMatch('image/*', $mimetype);
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this is a great answer. I really love your solution since it's simple and very nice to use ;) – nXqd May 19 '12 at 17:00

Check out JCROP Plugin

This will be uselful for all


enter image description here

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+1 For a really great and sleek plugin, and for those of you guyz who are wondering about implementing this with php, there is already an implementation inside the examples given inside the download package.... – Mohd Abdul Mujib Dec 18 '13 at 14:20
Easy to understand and install. I have Implemented this in 2 or more web applications.. – Nikz Dec 1 '14 at 6:33

there's also this lightweight image manipulation library written in PHP called Zebra_Image that's very small, not bloated with zillion of functions you'll never use, highly optimized, with a great documentation and which is actively maintained.

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The class upload from Colin Verot is my favourite. I use in in all my projects. Like the way you 'talk' to the class and only use what your need, but gives plenty of configuration/methods to tweak it to your exact needs. Great class!

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I recommend to use Smart Image Resizer

You get the best image quality after resizing

It's extremely simple to use. It uses image cache.

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Just an FYI, this will require a version of GD that supports imageconvolution(). – Fluffeh Sep 26 '12 at 8:35

If you're willing to migrate into an MVC PHP framework, I strongly recommend Codeigniter.

Besides several other classes and libraries that handle pagination, tables, security, forms, etc CI also has nice upload and image manipulation classes that are very handy and flexible. I believe they can do all you require (just not sure about jpg conversion).

You can check them out at:

Image manipulation class

File uploading class

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I recommend SimpleImage, it is very simple, has only one file and is updated.

Example of use:

$img = new SimpleImage('image.jpg');

// Resize the image to 320x200
$img->resize(320, 200);

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this one looks ok :-) i used it right now. – Bogdan Apr 24 '14 at 8:10

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