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When I try to add a KeyListener object for some swing component outside of this component constructor KeyListener does'nt answer after, why? For example:

    public class ActionViewer extends SimpleViewer
                              implements ActionListener

        public ActionViewer(Dimension __wndSize, String pgnPath, 
                            PerspectiveProjection __persp)
            super(__wndSize, pgnPath, __persp);

        public void setCamera(double xMin, double xMax,
                              double yMin, double yMax,
                              double zMin, double zMax)
                    cMng=new CameraControl();
            setCameraBounds(xMin, xMax, yMin, yMax, zMin, zMax);

When I call setCamera in main there is nothing happen.

ActionViewer scene = new ActionViewer(wndSize, pgnPath, persp);
scene.setCamera(xMin, xMax, yMin, yMax, zMin, zMax);
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Your question is very vague and at least for me difficult to answer. Could you supply more context? Could you distill your code into a small compilable unit that demonstrates your problem, an SSCCE? Do you know if the component with the key listener has focus (because focus is an absolute requirement for a KeyListener to work)? Often you're better off using key bindings rather than a KeyListener. Have you explored this option? – Hovercraft Full Of Eels Jun 23 '11 at 22:08
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I think there is some problem of initialization, Could you check place of init listener just try{}catch all method setCamera and print all problems, it should help you to find problem.

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