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I am sending some keys, signatures and nonces to an OAuth service (to do a request/authorize/access token). I'm running into some issues with it. I'm trying to trouble shoot the process and have hit a wall. I am able to authorize access but not getting an authorize token back. The company on the other end thinks that my signature isn't correct (using a third party library that I got off of Oauth.org).

Is there a service of some sort that I can use to check to see if the parameters that I am sending are valid for OAuth? For example, if I have oauth_consumer_key=0234a37e[removed this part]dff9f44, can I confirm that my library is actually generating that key correctly? I was hoping that OAuth.org would have something that does this, but didn't see it.

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I found this site to be incredibly helpful: http://term.ie/oauth/example/client.php. In fact, it worked with my OAuth endpoint while several libraries that I used wouldn't work at all.

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There is a very interesting page with a few snippets of PHP sample code for validation oAuth at this url:


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